Sometimes Silence is Golden

After having an incredibly insightful conversation with my dear friend and mentor Andrea de Michaelis, I realized something. Sometimes "silence is golden". In the digital age of social media many are all too willing to offer unsolicited advice. 

I truly enjoy the conversations I have with other spiritual leaders and teachers, like Andrea. Simply because we do not talk about people, we talk about the shifts and the transformations. In the 30 years of doing spiritual work I have learned so much! What to do, and more importantly what not to do.

Here is a synopsis of our conversation:

The opening up our spiritual gifts is such an an exciting process, as the truth of who you are becomes more and more clear. You are learning to listen to your Angels and Guides, and connect deeper to Source. However, as you are becoming more and more in tune with higher consciousness there is still so much to learn.

The more you can sit back, observe, listen, and take it all in, the more powerful you will be as a teacher and spiritual advisor. Meditation, contemplation, reflection, and journaling are such vital components to spiritual awakening.

Those who are so quick to offer answers that may feel are coming straight from Source, and it may not be. Developing our spiritual and psychic abilities requires much patience and healing for ourselves. It is very common to filter the messages of Spirit through your own emotions and wounds. 

Ego usually has a way of making itself known, sharing its own interpretation. Ego gets excited and wants to show the world, “Look what I know!” However, presuming you have the answers to someone’s challenges is a major responsibility, especially if they didn’t specifically ask.

We want to be of service to others, want to help and lead them down a path of love and healing. As these gifts are developing we must be mindful of our position. By offering unsolicited advice we are likely unintentionally hurting the person, rather than serving them. Each of us comes into this life with a Soul Contract that connects us to lessons and purpose. By encroaching on one's path, we are disrupting their karmic journey. 

We are so eager to share what we have learned and apply it to another’s circumstance. But, have you applied it to your own life yet? What have you learned from it? What responsibility do you share if your guidance was unsuccessful?

As a teacher and mentor, I encourage all of my students to develop their gifts with confidence. But even a surgical resident isn’t allowed to go into the operation room without the senior surgical staff. The student has knowledge and education, has probably witnessed surgery before in their schooling. But watching and doing are much different. It takes years. 

As you open and grow your spiritual gifts be sure to sit back, sense, observe, and LISTEN. If you are actively delivering information, you are not actively listening to what is happening around you. It takes time to learn how to do both.

Credit to:

Andrea de Michaelis

Psychic/Medium, Publisher and Owner of Horizons Magazine, Spiritual Solutions for Florida since 1992.

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Morgana Starr is The Angel Communicator, Psychic, Medium, Animal Communicator, Reiki Master Teacher, creator of the Angelic Arts Psychic Development Program. She was raised by Missionary parents in Africa, attended Bible College, raised two kids as a single parent. Her path led her to study Reiki which opened her psychic abilities. She began to do readings professionally as she continued her studies in Native American and many Ancient manifesting and healing modalities. She is a Native American Sacred Pipe Carrier, Author of two published books, Angels Legacy and Angel Whispers, she is also the co-founder of Angels Oasis and Awaken Institute.

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  • Kelly

    This is amazing!! I have got to practice this more. All of this gets so exciting its difficult not to share. This truly makes me understand. I love your wisdom!

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