Spirituality and the 'Real World': Out and About

While you may choose to keep your spirituality to yourself and be respectful of those who follow different paths, you will always run into those who will not return the courtesy.

They may knock on your door, confront you in front of the supermarket or just start a loud conversation at a public event.

So what do you do? As little as possible.

Of course, you can argue until you are both red in the face or tear up the pamphlet they hand you, but their behavior is not likely to change.

That doesn't mean that you are agreeing with them or conceding defeat. You are, simply, not giving any attention or energy to the situation.

Is it really worth your effort to retaliate or would you rather spend time meditating, spending time in nature or reading a good book.

Give your attention to what matters. In the spiritual tug-of-war, let go of the rope. You have nothing to prove and better things to do, like talking to your Angels.

Have you done that lately?

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