Spirituality and the 'Real World': The Family

As we prepare for a holiday weekend, many families will be getting together. That can mean a time of celebration and joy or extreme frustration and hurt feelings.

You may love your family, but you do not need to agree with them on everything.

At family gatherings, focus on the things you have in common: Great memories, hobbies or stories from your childhood.

As much as possible, avoid controversial subjects like politics and religion.

You can politely, walk away, help with cooking or clean up or just sit quietly and practice forgiveness work.

If you must engage, find common ground: the belief in a higher power, kindness and compassion towards others or the blessings of the Angels in your life.

If all else fails, thank them for a wonderful time and consider sending a card next year.

Your Angels will help you pick out an appropriate one.


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