Stop, Where You Are, And Feel Better

Our lives are the result of our choices, whether we want to believe it or not. It can be hard for a human being to appreciate the wisdom and perfection of their own soul, especially when the evidence of this perfection is not present in their lives.

Your soul came to Earth for a reason. When you leave the Earth it will all make perfect sense, including the difficult times.

Building a positive future starts now, in this moment. Stop and think about where you are. What do you have to be grateful for? What difficult situations are no longer a part of your life? How many new people have entered your life because of past choices? What hidden talents and strengths have you discovered as a result of challenging times?

Turn your resentment into gratitude. This gives you the power to attract more positive situations into your life. You were not put on Earth to suffer, but through your challenges you can grow and get stronger.

When you are the most grateful for your strength, you often find, that you won’t need to use it.

And even in the darkest of times, your Angels stand ready to guide and comfort you. Invite them to do so, for they can bring you the miracle that you seek. And that miracle may already be inside you.

When things are good, be grateful for the blessings. When things are tough, be grateful for the lessons. And never lose your smile.

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