Super-Blue-Blood Moon: Are You Ready?

On Wednesday, January 31, we will experience a powerful full moon. It will be at the closest point to the Earth, making it a Super Moon, tinted red from a lunar eclipse, and being the second full moon of January, it is known as a "blue moon."

In ancient spiritual traditions, the moon is all about the Goddess. Civilizations that worshipped the Goddess are known to exist through artifacts and legends,  but we have little in the way of recorded history, as most history was written by men in a male dominant patriarchy. In this history, the Goddess, and women in general, took quite a beating. 

Not only have women allowed men to dominate and suppress them, but we have done it to ourselves. 

We compete with other women, rather than cooperating for the common good. We criticize, rather than lending a helping hand. We turn a blind eye to our sisters in need, because we are consumed with our own needs and stresses.

It is said that a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When we reach out with kindness and compassion, we strengthen the whole chain. 

The chain we create is not one of metal, but one of love. The goal of the women's movement, (or the "Year of the Goddess Reckoning" as we have dubbed it) is not to subdue and conquer, but to unite and heal. 

Honoring the Mother Goddess, begins with you. If you feel like a "motherless child" then give yourself the mothering that you want to feel from others. Respect your time and health, and look out for you in the way that only a mother can. 

Mother energy is not selfish. When you see a sister in need, offer them a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, ears to listen and a nonjudgmental heart. 

Humans have been running around on the Earth like spoiled children for too long. It is time to show our planet some tough love and compassion.

The Goddess is returning. The full moon is ushering in her energy. It is time to look at our reflection in her luminous face, and decide if we like what we see. 

If we don't, it's time to make some changes. Full moons give us the opportunity to do release work. It is time to release our feelings of abandonment so that we can embrace the healing, nurturing energy of the Mother Goddess and share it with our sisters and brothers all over the Earth.

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