Super Full Moon in Virgo Brings Sweet Release

The Most Powerful Super Moon of 2019 is Upon Us!
As we are preparing to depart from the sign of airy Aquarius and enter into creative Pisces, we are also preparing for the second Full Moon of the year. The first three Full Moons of 2019 are Super Moons, this particular one on February 19 being the most powerful and residing in the sign of earthy Virgo. As mentioned in a previous blog, Super Moons sit closest to Earth and will appear much larger and brighter than other Full Moons throughout the year. This month's is the most powerful of the three.
The eclipse moons at the beginning of the year have maintained a strong element of power over us, with an uncanny ability to keep things in our lives feeling a bit shaken up, disruptive, and sensitive. Then on the other hand, feelings of impulsive action that can possibly lead to conflict in situations, between individuals, and especially the self, have been dominating our lives. Even though some of these experiences may have caused some discomfort, they are helping us find the change in us that is necessary for growth. If you can look within and be honest with yourself, the ego will begin to fade and the higher self can take over. This will give you an opportunity to expose the truth that is you. And in doing so, be done without regret, shame, or guilt.
The worrying thoughts and actions that seem to lead your life in circles are to be released. Taking the time to acknowledge this shift and embrace it is the gift of the Spiritual Warrior. Virgo is a sign of analysis, yet is very nurturing and supportive. Use this energy to get to the core issues that have created a fear-based state of illusion. Demonstrate self-love and compassion to raise your vibrational frequency, and have the strength to let go of the stubborn mindset that has been holding you back. There is so much potential that is limitless, as long as you are willing to take action.
The February Full Moon has been known across many ancient cultures that stretched across Europe and northern America as the "Snow" Moon. Each month corresponds to a different name given by tribes and villiages, as they used the cycle of the moon and patterns of the stars to determine how, when, and where they would plant their crops. This was also essential to conduct sacred rituals in honor of the deities and powerful Universal energies that help to guide and support them in this. Amongst these groups of people, February was always considered to be the coldest and snowiest of months, providing February's Full Moon with its well deserved name. The Cherokee also referred to it as the "Bone" Moon, due to the fact that food was so scarce, many were forced to find nourishment by gnawing on bones and would simmer bone marrow for soup. Even when times are at their toughest we must do the necessary to sustain life and continue moving forward, looking onwards to the rebirth of Spring.
Written by resident Angel's Oasis resident Astrologer - Renee Masse


  • Beth Vandal

    Thank you for writing and sharing. I can feel the release in this particular full moon. I sat with myself and said I don’t have to put up with the anxiety anymore. I am stronger than that and I won’t let it control my life. Feels good to have the warrior spirit and push forward with no fear. 🙏

  • Sophia Frays

    Wonderful!!!! Love it!!!! Been a 12 hr day of release for myself. Much love and light to all through this process!

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