Super Moon and Vernal Equinox Support Balance and Change

On March 20th we will encounter the third and final Super Moon of 2019, as well as marking the vernal equinox, as the sun enters Aries the following day. Wow, what a mouthful!
Each year we celebrate the equinox twice. We celebrate on September 22 the final balance of the light and darkness (12 hours of each), signifying the growing darkness in the months to come; the harvest. The beginning of Libra starts the following day. Now we mark the first equinox of the year, the balance of light and darkness, signifying the coming of light and new life, with the initiation of a new zodiac year, beginning in Aries. Not only is this a powerful time of the seasons, but we will observe the Full Super Moon in zero degrees of harmonizing Libra. So what does all of this mean, you ask?
Since the beginning of the year energies have been quite turbulent at times. Many of us can admit that we have been faced with unforseen setbacks, hard lessons, states of confusion, and outbursts of emotion, just to name a few. With the Full Moon growing larger and filling up with her radiant light she shines down upon us with a sense of balance and justice. This is a major shift, as the scales of justice may have been tipped on one side, Libra will now support restoration of balance. Match that with the Equinox marking the Spring, breathing new life, metamorphasis, and restoration.
Be prepared for a powerful change in your life! The past three months have been preparing us for these changes to come, forcing a mirror in front of us to take a long hard look at who is staring back. A coming to terms with the true self that has hidden beneath the layers, allowing deep wounds to rise to the surface, and prompting non-action, but patience. With tides shifting in a new direction, embrace your truth, and remove the blocks that have been weighing you down and dragging along side of you. In order to restore balance you must observe what you have learned, why the lesson is serving such great purpose, and how it has obstructed your growth. Then, and only then, can the Super Moon Vernal Equinox promote the full extent of its power in your life.
Great ways to release blocks during the next few days is to channel creativity. The Sun being in Pisces for the last month can provide for us a creative energy that allows for graceful release. Writing, drawing, painting, sculpting, knitting, making jewerly, etc...are excellent outlets for the emotional self to unburden without adding any unnecessary conflict. This will attract bountiful energies into your life!
Most of us can agree that 2019 has come with its fair share of challenges. Powerful planetary transits have shoved us right out of our comfort zones by bringing sensitive feelings to the surface. For many of us this has been an uncomfortable process, and forcing us to self-reflect and observe the core wounds blocking personal growth. There is still work to be done on a deep level, with Chiron remaining in Aries, however support is here.
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Written by Angels Oasis Resident Astrologer Renee Masse

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