Superbowl 2017: The Falcons, the Patriots and the Angels

Yesterday, the New England Patriots won Superbowl 51.

If you only watched the first part of the game, you would have been very surprised to know this.

Before the win, there was what appeared to be an inevitable loss as the Atlanta Falcons held a lead of 28 to 3. At this point in the game of sports and of life, the players usually just give in and allow themselves to be beaten, taking a passive stance against great odds.

The Patriots did not subscribe to this theory and continued to fight because there was still time on the clock and the potential (however small) for a win.

They continued to score points until the game was forced into the Superbowl’s first-ever overtime and eventually won the game.

Many people get so close to their dreams that they have them within their reach, then when things don’t go smoothly, they call it a defeat and go back to living a life where everything happens TO them and they have little power. The other team takes the lead so they respond by heading back to the locker room to change clothes and go home.

Getting to the big game doesn’t guarantee a win, but giving up guarantees one for the other team. However challenging, your life may be, your soul chose to be here. Honor that choice and never give up.

Your Angels have an answer for you that will help you achieve the “win” you seek. Just

A post Superbowl tradition of making “angels” in the confetti on the field at the end of the Superbowl. Hmmm…Perhaps they were getting a little Heavenly coaching!

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