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Toxic Relationships and Empaths

The empath wants to heal or fix the person they are with. Empaths who are in a toxic relationship begin to mirror their abuser. The empath starts to experience some of the same emotions of the abuser, which can include jealousy, anger, and paranoia.

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Write Your Troubles Away

Divine Insights from Sarah and Archangel Metatron We have now had five weeks to adjust a new lifestyle that consists primarily of being in our homes. There have been many social media posts about using this time to learn something new, work on goals that were previously set, or grow in some way. The truth is, we have all been growing whether we have made a conscious effort at it or not. In a short period of time, we have all adjusted to some level of our new normal. We have had good days and bad days and we are still waking up, ready to face whatever is coming our way. How do you know you are growing? Reflection is...

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Healing the Rift

  The reason we become outraged or saddened by current events, is that we see human beings. We see their anger and violent acts. We see injuries and death. If we saw the souls involved, we would witness a different scene. We would see beautiful, powerful, magnificent beings of light. We would see their human characters turn away from that light and cover their eyes and ears. They cannot accept that we are all magnificent, that we are all competent, talented and wise. They cannot accept that there is enough of everything for everybody and that the highest truth is love. Yelling at others for their unfounded fears will not solve anything. We can stand up for what is right...

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