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Love all, Accept All

It is not our job to get people onto our side. In a way, it’s actually our job to maintain those friendships because I can tell you right now that many people sitting in fear are also throwing away lifelong relationships fighting over things that terrify them.

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Write Your Troubles Away

Divine Insights from Sarah and Archangel Metatron We have now had five weeks to adjust a new lifestyle that consists primarily of being in our homes. There have been many social media posts about using this time to learn something new, work on goals that were previously set, or grow in some way. The truth is, we have all been growing whether we have made a conscious effort at it or not. In a short period of time, we have all adjusted to some level of our new normal. We have had good days and bad days and we are still waking up, ready to face whatever is coming our way. How do you know you are growing? Reflection is...

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Adventures of the Soul

Have you ever wanted to go  to an exotic land or back to a favorite spot in your town when you were a child? Perhaps you imagine exploring other planets and galaxies? You don't have to be rich or living at the foot of a mountain to go to beautiful places and have exciting adventures. You have access to all of these places in your imagination. Through meditation you can strengthen your ability to visualize. As you work with it, your visualizations will become more vivid. You might even try things like lucid dreaming or astral travel. You can do any of these things if you desire and spend time doing regular meditation. Whether you have never meditated before, or...

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