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Five Ways to Manifest With the Waxing Moon

The full moon is the star of the show for three days each month. It is the one that gets the attention, that lights  up the darkness on the Earth and in our lives.  The new moon is a time of darkness, when we start to make plans for what we want to see by the next full moon. Another three days of influence. But what about the rest of the month? Currently, a waxing moon is smiling down upon us. A waxing moon is the moon between the new and full moon. for fourteen days, it sheds a little more light on the world. And guess what? It is a great time for manifesting.  The waxing moon is associated...

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You Are Not Being Punished

When you put your faith in the Universe and make your requests for the things you would like to bring into your life, you may, at first, notice the opposite happening. You affirm prosperity and you get a large bill. You affirm peace and everyone around you seems to be fighting. You may begin to pout, thinking the Divine Source has forgotten you (not true and not possible). Your wishes are not being denied, the way is being cleared. You are being shown where your resistance lies so you can heal it and easily attract the life you want. A thorough housecleaning can stir up a lot of dust and move a lot of clutter into your living space, but...

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Miracles Happen

      Miracles are a rare and wondrous occurrence. Why are they rare? Because that is what we have decided. What if we started to change that belief? What if we decided that the answer to every prayer is a miracle?  What if we decided that the end result of a positive affirmation is a miracle? What if we decided that every spiritual or magical ritual would result in a miracle? You need $20 and you manifest $200. You request that your car be fixed and you are gifted a new one. You ask that your suffering dog be out of misery and she is miraculously healed and healthier than ever. Miracles, manifestation and magic are our birthright. Time...

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