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New Moon in Libra/ Venus Retrograde

Our new moon this month is in the sign of Libra. As we enter a new moon, we come to a cycle of manifestation. This cycle is about balance.On a national and global scale, we are looking at a balance between the masculine and feminine, which we have seen in a big way this week. So, for the next two weeks, we can think about the ways we can bring more balance into our lives. Do we balance work with play? Do we balance stress with relaxation? Is our diet a healthy mix of nutrient dense foods with an occasional “treat” allowed? The key player in the stars this month (and half of next), is Venus retrograde. The bad news...

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Eye in the Back of Your Head

Do you ever remember someone described as having "eyes in the back of their head?" For many of us, that may have been Mom. While few people have a physical eye there, we all have a spiritual one. Our third eye, like all of the chakras, opens on both sides of the head. The third eye is where or spiritual vision, dreams and intuition come from. So, spiritually speaking, you have an eye there and it can help you to see just as well as your physical eyes do. To learn how to work with the third eye, and all of the chakras, join us tonight (July 27) at 7:00pm at the Angels Oasis for a class on the chakras...

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Your Body Language

  When you meditate, take a moment to notice the sensations in your body. Which parts feel great and which are in pain or discomfort. Notice what your body feels like in general. What does your own signature energy feel like? Think of something great that you did, a high moment of achievement. What does that vision do to your body? Where do you feel it. Now think of a moment of pain or simply, a wrong decision. What sensations do you feel and where? These are your body's "yes" and "no" signals. This is the wordless communication you have with your physical self. When you have a decision to make, ask yourself if it is right. Then see how...

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Your Spiritual Path

Many of my clients who are discovering the world of Angels and the metaphysical, report that they are living a double life. They can speak their beliefs to a small, select group, but when around family or co-workers, they have to "play along," and pretend to share the beliefs of that group or be shunned or drawn into an unpleasant argument. The beautiful thing about the Angels, is that they do not demand that you acknowledge them in public. They are happier to have your one-on-one attention and even happier when you ask for their help. As Angels are a part of many religious traditions, you can focus on what you have in common while avoiding subjects that start fights....

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Smelling the Roses

Imagine you are walking through the most beautiful garden. Your eyes are treated to an amazing array of colors and shapes.  Your nose detects a huge number of scents competing for your attention. Your breathing and heart rate relax as you listen to bird songs and the soothing sound of water running through a fountain. Near the base of the fountain is an old, cracked, rusty pipe. Are you going to spend your garden tour looking at the pipe or the  rest of the idyllic scene? This is what our news and sometimes social media do to us. They would have us look at the small percentage of "bad" and ignore all of the "good" going on in the world....

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