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Meditation: The Best Medicine

Are you feeling beat up from all of these crazy, cosmic events? You are not a victim of the stars, you are a star and you can shine your light or you can run and hide.  If you are reading this, you probably would rather shine.  You can be part of the world and still retain the ability to detach, just a bit, when things get rough. This is not the same as running away, it is simply controlling how events around you affect your energy. We often become so much a part of the world, that we believe that the chaos around us is who we are. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The truth is: you are...

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Angels Unveiled

Tonight, July 12, at 8:00 pm we will have another episode of Angels Unveiled. Tune in to learn about how the energies from the Heavens are affecting us and what we can do about it.  Also watch for our Facebook Live videos on our Angels Oasis page. We love your feedback and may be able to answer questions on the air.  We are here to support you in these challenging times. We lightworkers need to support each other so that we can do the important work we have come here to do.  Blessings from Morgana, Daena and all our Angel Team! See you tonight!

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The Angels are Back!

The Angels are back! Well, we never really left. We have been busy opening our Angels Oasis store in Historic Cocoa Village and doing house clearing and readings and creating great classes for the spiritually-minded who want to explore and expand their intuitive abilities.  On June 9th, we will be kicking off our next season of Angels Unveiled, with a live reading session at Angels Oasis. Come join us and bring your questions. Everyone in attendance will get a reading. Click the link below to pre-pay and save your space. Then, you can join us on Thursday nights to see what is going on in the angelic realm and how incoming energies will affect you and how to prepare. We...

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Spiritual Candle Traditions

Do you love to light candles? They definitely have a magical quality. Although their popularity has decreased since the invention of the light bulb, they are still the go to prop for setting a mood or celebrating a milestone. Now that we don't need candles for light, (except during thunderstorms), we can enjoy their lovely energy for ceremonies and prayer work as well. Many churches and spiritual traditions have celebrations which focus on the lighting of candles. Did you know that candles can help you to open your third eye chakra as well as provide a focus for your intentions? If you would like to learn more, join us this Thursday at 7:00 pm at the Angels Oasis, for Candle...

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Eye in the Back of Your Head

Do you ever remember someone described as having "eyes in the back of their head?" For many of us, that may have been Mom. While few people have a physical eye there, we all have a spiritual one. Our third eye, like all of the chakras, opens on both sides of the head. The third eye is where or spiritual vision, dreams and intuition come from. So, spiritually speaking, you have an eye there and it can help you to see just as well as your physical eyes do. To learn how to work with the third eye, and all of the chakras, join us tonight (July 27) at 7:00pm at the Angels Oasis for a class on the chakras...

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