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The Art of Waking Up

The energies of the past several months have been challenging for many. It is unlikely that things will calm down. Not to worry, this is what happens when you wake up. How your morning goes depends on how you prepare for it. Did you meditate, read a book or have a cup of herb tea before going to bed on time? Did you stay up late, setting the alarm, knowing you will hit "snooze" several times before slinking to the kitchen to have your coffee? Waking up is so much more pleasant when you are prepared. Some people sleep so deeply, they must be shaken roughly to awaken. This is what many are experiencing. When you are prepared with an...

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Fairies All Around

Have you noticed there is a new fairy craze? People are dressing up in fairy attire, putting on glitter and decorating gardens with fairy statues. Is it all Hollywood hype? Or are we remembering something our ancestors knew millenia ago? Most psychics will tell you, fairies are real. They can be friendly, but do not like being treated with disrespect. They come in all shapes and sizes and many are willing and even eager to work with you, if you approach them with the proper attitude. We keep fairy furniture and statues around the house, yard and of course, in our Angels Oasis store. We like fairy energy and would like to share it with you. Join Jinn this Thursday...

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Before You Change

Before you change your job, home or relationship, try changing your attitude. Own what part of your discomfort belongs to you and empower yourself to change it. Then see if you still want to make the physical change. Open your heart and your Angels will show you what you can do to make your life amazing. Usually, it starts with you.  

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