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Balance as Defense

Many people love to watch and perform the beautiful flowing movements of tai chi. What most people don't realize is that it is a martial art. It can be hard to imagine how such a graceful, flowing practice can provide protection. The secret is balance.  The tai chi master is always balanced. An opponent can push with all their might and not push him over for he will just flow into a different position, remaining in balance. His opponent, depending on his skill level, might be thrown off balance and possibly fall over.  Cultivating emotional balance can be an important defense against those who would try to take you down by upsetting you.  Just like a martial art, it is a skill...

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Laying Down Your Burdens

As we prepare to move upward in vibration, we must shed the old beliefs which hold us back. You can't fit through the tiny which leads to to life you desire when you are holding on to a burden of beliefs, bad memories and unhealed wounds, that make you feel larger than you are. Bigger is not always better. Your strength comes from knowing that all you have is inside of you and that you don't need to add extra "stuff", like the adoration and approval of others.  The memories of past hurt and pain, are phantoms and can be resolved by looking at them and releasing them. Thanking them for the lessons and letting them go.  When we haul a...

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Second Harvest

Today is the Autumnal equinox or Mabon. On this day, just as on the Spring equinox, day and night are of equal length. We are moving into the darker part of the year. During this time,ancient civilizations have held spectacular festivals to bolster spirits as it appeared that the darkness was "winning". Darkness is not a bad thing. Without a little dark to balance the light, crops would die,as the earth overheated. Spiritually, the darkness is what we must face to heal and make ourselves whole. It is a place where our lessons live and where we rest when we are tired. Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals. What seeds are you harvesting from the past year? How...

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Balance of Both Worlds

  We have created the illusion of two worlds. One is our Ideal World. This is where we go when we meditate, visualize our dreams or spend time with those who are of like mind. This is a beautiful place to be and there is great temptation to stay there. The other is the Real World. Despite its name, it is no more valid that the ideal world and both are interpreted in your brain as the same. In the real world, people argue, you get cut off in traffic, and bad things happen in the country and around the world. In the past, lightworkers have hidden in the Ideal World. As the  Real World tries to crash through their...

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Energy Work and Chakras

Your chakras are part of your energy body. When they are open just the right amount and clear, you experience vibrant health. When they are blocked, you may feel physically or emotionally "off." Energy healers often work with the chakras to assist in the healing of the physical body or emotions. These healers may work with crystals, light, music or scents to bring the chakras into balance. You can even learn to detect blockages in your own chakras so that you can prevent physical problems later on. (Of course, see your doctor if you feel extremely sick or in pain). To learn more about your chakras, join us this Thursday, July 27th, when Lauren will give a class on understanding...

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