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Prosperity and the Holidays

As the Holidays near, we are made aware of our relationship with prosperity.  Some years, you might feel exceptionally wealthy, both able to share and open to receive. Others you might feel lack. Will I have enough to pay my bills and still buy gifts as needed? Prosperity is a two-way street. You must make room in your life (release) to bring in new things (receive). You must be willing to give out, in order to get back? When things are rough, you may feel you have nothing to give, but that is not true. You can give your time, your energy, your attention to others and bless them in ways that mean the world to them. You can release,...

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Miracles Happen

      Miracles are a rare and wondrous occurrence. Why are they rare? Because that is what we have decided. What if we started to change that belief? What if we decided that the answer to every prayer is a miracle?  What if we decided that the end result of a positive affirmation is a miracle? What if we decided that every spiritual or magical ritual would result in a miracle? You need $20 and you manifest $200. You request that your car be fixed and you are gifted a new one. You ask that your suffering dog be out of misery and she is miraculously healed and healthier than ever. Miracles, manifestation and magic are our birthright. Time...

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Angelic Psychic Development

Psychic development can be a challenge because you must stay both open and protected. Fortunately protection is easy. Archangel Anael gave me a great modality for this: Once you are protected you must be open. Open in your mind to be alert for signs and messages, open in your heart and energy to make a good connection with the Angels, and open in your beliefs that, yes, you can do this: Your Angels can heal you and protect you as you open to their energy, but you must ask for their help.  

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