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Being Inconvenient

As you follow your unique spiritual path, you might find that you start to feel a little disconnected from those around you and from events happening in the world. You are not separating from your friends, loved ones and co-workers, you are pulling away from the shared beliefs of those around you and society. You are learning to question your reality and think for yourself. You are not alone on this journey, many are going through the same process. This independent thinking can be very inconvenient for those who are in positions of power and want to keep you subdued. There is much more to reality than we have been led to believe, by churches, politicians and other people in...

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Spirituality and the 'Real World': Out and About

While you may choose to keep your spirituality to yourself and be respectful of those who follow different paths, you will always run into those who will not return the courtesy. They may knock on your door, confront you in front of the supermarket or just start a loud conversation at a public event. So what do you do? As little as possible. Of course, you can argue until you are both red in the face or tear up the pamphlet they hand you, but their behavior is not likely to change. That doesn't mean that you are agreeing with them or conceding defeat. You are, simply, not giving any attention or energy to the situation. Is it really worth...

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Spirituality and the 'Real World' : The Workplace

Most people spend a majority of their time at work. If you choose to live a spiritual life, this is the area where you often have the most opportunities to practice. Work can be a frustrating place for some and it is comforting to have reminders (jewelry, statues, pictures or books) that you are not alone. The problem is that most workplaces house a variety of people with different spiritual beliefs. Some are able to work together in peace, while others create conflict believing that only their path should be allowed. While you shouldn't have to hide your beliefs, you can practice them in a way that doesn't disturb others. Reading or quietly meditating in a corner at break time...

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