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Forewarned is a Blessing

When you go in to get a psychic reading, you always hope to hear the best of news. We'd all like to hear that we have a large sum of money coming, that the love of our lives is just around the corner, or that we are in the best of health. We dread phrases like, "It's not a good time for..., You might want to prepare for...., or Maybe it's time to cut down on the sweets." These are the readings, that can be most helpful, though.  If you are wearing a $1000 dress, wouldn't you like to be warned about the muddy street up ahead? What if you got a heads up about the latest bug that's going...

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To Give is to Receive

Are you frustrated by the lack of inflow in your manifesting process? In order to be open to receiving, you must also be prepared to give. This can be a challenge when you have little to offer, but you can be creative, giving of your time, energy and company. When you are not open to receiving, you deprive yourself of opportunities to give. Giving is a blessing. When you truly help someone, you experience joy through them and strengthen your connection to Divine source. Does that mean that there is no such thing as a selfless act? Why does anything have to be selfless? Energy wants to move, it does not want to stop with one person. And besides, we...

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