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Another New Year's Eve

  Today marks the final day of 2017. Whether you had a great one or would rather see it go away, it is time to let go and move on.  We do this annually and yet we have an opportunity to do it everyday. Every evening we have a chance to release the worries and concerns of the day. To forgive ourselves and others for mistakes made and strive to do better tomorrow. Each and every day a fresh start.  If you choose to make a resolution this year, why not make one to get the most out of every day. Not just weekends and special events. You can only dream about tomorrow, you can "do" today. Not all of...

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A Powerful Moment

As the new year draws closer, remnants of Mercury Retrograde still linger. You may still feel a bit of struggle as we try to catch up to where we were when Mercury first started its backward motion. Be gentle with yourself, but be ruthless in letting go of all of your physical, emotional and spiritual dead weight. This could mean cleaning a closet, starting a new workout program (why wait until January?), or moving on from relationships that no longer serve you. You don't have to make challenging resolutions that will be broken by the end of the month. Simply lighten your load and let the universe show you the best path to take. This shift in your energy will...

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Your Vibration Determines Your Experience

Have you ever been out with someone and had a delightful time, but when they speak of it, it was not so great? Your vibration can change your experience, even a few feet away from someone who is vibrating in a different place. When your vibration is high, you will feel compassion, rather than pity, understanding rather than anger, and unity and love rather than fear. You can allow another to bring your vibration lower, but why would you? Stand firm in those fabulous feeling and give the other person an opportunity to rise to your level. And yes, you will have challenging days where there are more lessons than blessings, but as you practice positive living, you will find...

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