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Solar Eclipse Supports a Nurturing New Moon

Gain a clear insight to the upcoming Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer, as the energies are changing and making way for new beginnings. The powerful connection between the Moon and the sign of Cancer nurture and comfort you in the transitions to come. Bring in the divine energy of Archangel Anael while you perform a cleansing New Moon exercise by connecting with the ultimate of sacred feminine energy.

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Pass It On

A beautiful tradition in many spiritual ceremonies is to light a single candle and use it to light another. The second candle lights a third, and so forth. The tiny candle flame represents the Divine spark that resides in all of us. Passing it along shows that we recognize that spark in others. Also, it represents, passing along a feeling or idea, like love, hope or happiness. To learn more about candle use, traditions and prayer/manifestation work, join us tonight (Aug. 3rd) for Candle Manifestation and Prayers, with Jinn. See you there.

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Spiritual Candle Traditions

Do you love to light candles? They definitely have a magical quality. Although their popularity has decreased since the invention of the light bulb, they are still the go to prop for setting a mood or celebrating a milestone. Now that we don't need candles for light, (except during thunderstorms), we can enjoy their lovely energy for ceremonies and prayer work as well. Many churches and spiritual traditions have celebrations which focus on the lighting of candles. Did you know that candles can help you to open your third eye chakra as well as provide a focus for your intentions? If you would like to learn more, join us this Thursday at 7:00 pm at the Angels Oasis, for Candle...

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