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Eye in the Back of Your Head

Do you ever remember someone described as having "eyes in the back of their head?" For many of us, that may have been Mom. While few people have a physical eye there, we all have a spiritual one. Our third eye, like all of the chakras, opens on both sides of the head. The third eye is where or spiritual vision, dreams and intuition come from. So, spiritually speaking, you have an eye there and it can help you to see just as well as your physical eyes do. To learn how to work with the third eye, and all of the chakras, join us tonight (July 27) at 7:00pm at the Angels Oasis for a class on the chakras...

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Energy Work and Chakras

Your chakras are part of your energy body. When they are open just the right amount and clear, you experience vibrant health. When they are blocked, you may feel physically or emotionally "off." Energy healers often work with the chakras to assist in the healing of the physical body or emotions. These healers may work with crystals, light, music or scents to bring the chakras into balance. You can even learn to detect blockages in your own chakras so that you can prevent physical problems later on. (Of course, see your doctor if you feel extremely sick or in pain). To learn more about your chakras, join us this Thursday, July 27th, when Lauren will give a class on understanding...

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Chakra Maintenance

You have seven main chakras and minor ones all over your body. Healers, in particular, have healthy chakras in the palms of their hands. The chakras function as translators of Source Energy. If the chakra pathways are clear, you get vibrant physical, emotional and spiritual health. If they are blocked or damaged, the energy is altered and the result is poor health, emotional distress or a feeling of spiritual disconnection. Like any part of your physical body, the chakras can be kept clear with regular attention and care. To learn more about keeping your chakras spinning in a healthy way, join Lauren this Thursday evening at 7:00 on Angels Oasis. See you there!  

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Healthy Chakras

In your pursuit of spiritual development, you have, most likely, run into the chakra system. In many eastern cultures chakra system, chakras are referred to as "wheels." There are seven main chakras running down the center of the body and, traditionally, corresponding to the colors of the rainbow. The red end of the spectrum represents the lower chakras and the violet represents the higher ones. The colors of the chakras may vary from one person to the next, depending on their health and level of spiritual development. The appearance of our chakras may also vary based on our emotional health. Having strong, healthy chakras, gives you vibrant health, emotional balance and connects you to Divine Source. To learn more about...

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