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The "New" Children

If you currently have young children, you have a rare opportunity. You have the chance to change the future for the better. Of course, there is only so much influence you can have. Your children are free to make their own choices and eventually will live independently from you. Their independence is a sign that you have done your job. What you can do, is lead by example, and allow them to lead as well. When your child talks about invisible friends, past lives or the people that live in the trees, listen. Ask them to elaborate and show interest in what they say.  Live your truth and be mindful that your words and actions are in alignment.  Many spiritual...

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Ego and the Psychic Senses

The biggest block to psychic development for most people is the ego. The ego is not always the part of us that says, "I'm better than everyone else." Sometimes it is the part that says, "I'm not as good as anyone else." They stay silent for fear of ridicule or discovery of their, "incompetence." Children are naturally open and psychic because they have no such fears. When we become more childlike and have fun with our senses, we really open up. Your Angels can help you bring out the child within and see what exists beyond the "regular" five senses. Ask for their help and follow their guidance, then all will be revealed.

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The Goddess Returning

Many people believe that Divine Feminine  energy  is about, planting more flowers, making men do the dishes and smiling and rushing to hug those who would try to subdue and abuse you. While feminine energy may be soft and nurturing, it is not weak. It is the grandmother lovingly baking cookies, and it is the […]

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