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Removing the Mask: Seven Steps to Becoming the "Real You"

Last night, we were visited by a raccoon.  Raccoons have a mischievous and destructive reputation. They are known to carry rabies and will bite both people and pets.  They often run through the yard like furry, gray bulldozers, leaving a trail of trampled plants and broken pottery. This one was just outside the porch. Usually they run away, but he came up to the screen and stood on his back legs. He moved his paws much like a puppy does when it wants to be picked up.  For a moment, the mask he wore told a tale of harmless innocence. Had anyone fallen for the act,however, the incident would have most likely ended up in the emergency room with a...

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The Power of Emotion

From childhood, we are taught to suppress our emotions. "Big girls don't cry! Don't get angry with me!" etc. We bring this practice into adulthood and end up in bad relationships, dead end jobs and in the doctor's office. Emotions are the language of the soul. They are communication without words. We can feel the emotions of others in a form of telepathy. Emotions connect us to the Divine and show us our spiritual gifts. While you cannot have a tantrum or cry every time you feel overwhelmed, you can turn that energy into productive action, like cleaning the house when you are angry or taking a walk or run. You can channel those emotions into art or music, writing...

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Retrograde Solstice: Re-visiting Christmas Past

Mercury Retrograde, when it falls during the winter holidays, is a great time to look at your family dynamic, both immediate and ancestral. What happens to us as children can affect our entire lives. When childhood memories surface, Christmas memories are usually quite vivid. Ask your guardian angel to stand beside you as you look […]

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