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Eye in the Back of Your Head

Do you ever remember someone described as having "eyes in the back of their head?" For many of us, that may have been Mom. While few people have a physical eye there, we all have a spiritual one. Our third eye, like all of the chakras, opens on both sides of the head. The third eye is where or spiritual vision, dreams and intuition come from. So, spiritually speaking, you have an eye there and it can help you to see just as well as your physical eyes do. To learn how to work with the third eye, and all of the chakras, join us tonight (July 27) at 7:00pm at the Angels Oasis for a class on the chakras...

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Mama's Almost Home

The Goddess is returning. We feel this energy right now as disruption. Like teenagers who are waking up the morning after and epic party, our souls are accessing the damage and struggling to determine how to "clean it up." We have trashed our home (Planet Earth) and are squabbling with our siblings. If "Mama" comes home now, she will not be pleased. So what to do? All you can do is clean up your own part of the "mess." What has been coming up for you lately? What injustices in the world do you find the most infuriating? What is needing to be healed both physically and emotionally? It is time to get serious. The Goddess Mobile is heading down...

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Crystal Class Tomorrow Evening!!!!

Excitement is in the air at the Angels Oasis! One of our favorite special guest presenters, Nicholas Pearson is back to present a class on Crystal Healing Technique. This event will be tomorrow July 16th, from 4:00 to 7:00pm. We thought we knew everything about crystals, but Nicholas always blows us away with new information and ideas. If crystals call to you, you don't want to miss this amazing event! Nicholas will also be happy to sign copies of his books for sale at Angels Oasis. To reserve your space, call or stop by the store or prepay online. See you there!  

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Keeping it Clean for the Fairies

If you want to experience fairy energy, it's important to "keep it clean." When you are outside, always remember to dispose of garbage in an appropriate container and be respectful and careful around the animals who live outside. Keep an eye on campfires and don't dispose of cigarette butts in the grass. Indoors, strive to keep your house clean and organized. If this is a challenge for you, remember the reward is bringing fairy energy into your home. And the happy side effect: You will be able to find what you need. To learn more about fairy energy and how to work with it, join Jinn this Thursday evening at 7:00 for, Meeting and Working with (Real) fairies. Bring something...

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Fairies All Around

Have you noticed there is a new fairy craze? People are dressing up in fairy attire, putting on glitter and decorating gardens with fairy statues. Is it all Hollywood hype? Or are we remembering something our ancestors knew millenia ago? Most psychics will tell you, fairies are real. They can be friendly, but do not like being treated with disrespect. They come in all shapes and sizes and many are willing and even eager to work with you, if you approach them with the proper attitude. We keep fairy furniture and statues around the house, yard and of course, in our Angels Oasis store. We like fairy energy and would like to share it with you. Join Jinn this Thursday...

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