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Mental Illness, a Mother's Love, and Reiki

I had gotten my level one Reiki attunement a year prior but hadn’t done a lot with it.  I wasn’t even sure I believed in it!  Here I was, sitting home every day, stress and trauma pumping through me like our blood does, what did I have to lose?!  The second step was practicing Reiki daily. 

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Are All Angels here to Help?

For me, because I've worked with Archangel Azrael longer and he’s been with me my whole life, I take his information first.  My other angelic guide is Cahara.  She has lived in the shadows for a very long time and she’s very powerful. However, she's also very wounded and she’s mad (upset) with how humans were left behind in their development.

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Turning ‘Angry’ into ‘Amazing’

We have been taught that anger is a negative emotion. It precedes fighting, violence and the ending of relationships. Yet anger is only as “bad” as the fear we feed into it and the actions we take surrounding it. Life will make you angry. Sometimes you won’t get your way. Do you want a moment […]

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