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Spirituality and the 'Real World' : The Workplace

Most people spend a majority of their time at work. If you choose to live a spiritual life, this is the area where you often have the most opportunities to practice. Work can be a frustrating place for some and it is comforting to have reminders (jewelry, statues, pictures or books) that you are not alone. The problem is that most workplaces house a variety of people with different spiritual beliefs. Some are able to work together in peace, while others create conflict believing that only their path should be allowed. While you shouldn't have to hide your beliefs, you can practice them in a way that doesn't disturb others. Reading or quietly meditating in a corner at break time...

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Filling the Gap With Angelic Love

Like our country at the moment, there are gaps among Lightworkers that divide us. There are those who want to rage and scream at the newly elected administration, and those who voted for it. We are further divided into those who would turn away from the chaos and say, “Nothing to see here!” and those […]

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