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The Lionsgate Portal

The Lionsgate Portal is open!  If your Spiritual gifts have been opening already, even more new downloads, insights and abilities are being presented to you if you wish to accept them. This amazing alignment between the Earth, the sun and the star Sirius, happens yearly and gives us an opportunity to step into our power and grow as channels of Divine energy. Why would this amazing event happen at a time when we are experiencing multi-planet retrogrades? Wouldn't that diminish the energetic upgrades? The answer is no, and this is one of the ideas that we must get past in order to step into our full power.  This may seem like a time of darkness, and it is. But the...

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You Are Not Being Punished

When you put your faith in the Universe and make your requests for the things you would like to bring into your life, you may, at first, notice the opposite happening. You affirm prosperity and you get a large bill. You affirm peace and everyone around you seems to be fighting. You may begin to pout, thinking the Divine Source has forgotten you (not true and not possible). Your wishes are not being denied, the way is being cleared. You are being shown where your resistance lies so you can heal it and easily attract the life you want. A thorough housecleaning can stir up a lot of dust and move a lot of clutter into your living space, but...

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We're All in This Together (Like It Or Not)

In the spiritual community, we have an opportunity to awaken souls and open hearts all over the planet. We do this by remembering our oneness. While we play different roles and characters on Earth, we are all part of Divine Source and however hard we may try, we cannot separate ourselves from that Source. When we work together, we mirror this unity in 3D reality. We pool our strengths and create a grander dream than we could possibly create alone. Seeing everyone around you as competition, cuts you off from your Divine birthright. It's like having access to a world famous mathematician to help you balance your checkbook and saying, "No! I will balance it better than anyone else! Leave...

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