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Summer Solstice Blessings

We honor this time of year for the blessings of Mother Earth. The ancients, such as the Celts, Norse, and Druids held celebrations to honor the Sun god’s power to nurture and fertilize the soil. The fertile Goddess germinates the seeds in her womb and births new life into the world.  

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Balance of Both Worlds

  We have created the illusion of two worlds. One is our Ideal World. This is where we go when we meditate, visualize our dreams or spend time with those who are of like mind. This is a beautiful place to be and there is great temptation to stay there. The other is the Real World. Despite its name, it is no more valid that the ideal world and both are interpreted in your brain as the same. In the real world, people argue, you get cut off in traffic, and bad things happen in the country and around the world. In the past, lightworkers have hidden in the Ideal World. As the  Real World tries to crash through their...

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