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The Element of Earth

Are you an Earth sign? Have you been called "down to Earth," or just "Earthy?" Most people seeking higher consciousness, shun the element of Earth, believing that grounding will make them less spiritual. Just as a seed must be planted into the ground, we must connect to Earth in order to grow. Earth represents your physical existence, your body, your home your possessions and your finances. We think of the Earth as Mother because she cares for and provides for us and gives us comfort. Have you ever felt better after touching a tree or digging your toes in the sand? The Divine is present in all things, including the soil, the leaves and the flowers. To connect with this...

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Anael's Symbol

The symbol of Archangel Anael, the main Angel I work with, is not just a pretty design. Many have used it for healing and  protection with powerful results. Each part of this symbol has a specific meaning. Each part adds to the strength and power when it is used. In the middle of the symbol is an X. This represents the four elements that have been used in spirituality and ritual for millennia. This week we will discuss the elements and how they affect our world. Tomorrow: Earth.

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