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Independence Day

Whichever side of the political spectrum you fall on, today is the day we celebrate the beginning of America.  Independence is a powerful word, both in terms of our nation and ourselves.  While love, money and security are important, independence means that spiritually, emotionally and physically, we  have a full box of tools. Cherish your independence by using those tools. Make your own connection to the Divine so that you don't have to wait for the next Sunday, the next meeting or appointment.  Divine connection is our birthright, as you quiet your mind through meditation, this connection grows stronger. Exercise your mental and emotional independence, by doing research and allowing your heart to tell you where the truth resides. Do...

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The Art of Release

Still bathed in the energy of the recent full moon, the spiritual energy allows us all to release what no longer serves us. You can consciously be part of this process through breath work, meditation, journaling and counseling sessions.  You will experience some release whether you do it consciously or not.  You may find yourself snapping at and harshly criticizing those around you. You might be kind and understanding when dealing with a customer at work, but when you go to a restaurant afterwards, you find fault with everything the host, kitchen and wait staff are doing and tell them so.  It is fine to speak up when you are wronged, but be sure that the message is coming from...

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You've Got the Power

When we think of power, we tend to think of strength or influence. And, yet, these can actually show weakness. If you strike someone with physical strength, you are actually showing your emotional weakness. You have given your emotional power away to the other person. When you dominate another person or persons with your influence or position, you similarly, show that you are threatened by them and again, give your power away. When you stand in your power, you know that no one can harm you and you do not need to strike out at or dominate another.  When you stand in your power, you know that you are safe and there is enough for everyone. Of course, there will...

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