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Restoration is Soon Upon Us

Over the past few months we have lived through many obstacles related to COVID-19. I have spent a lot of time observing the planets and constellations while looking for specific signs that indicate a strong turn of the tides.

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Scorpio’s Full Moon and Special Messages of Hope

 This Full Moon marks a time for our higher self to take center stage in the grand theater of life. We have an opportunity to create a healing connection between all living things and shift into higher dimensions of consciousness. There have been many challenges along the way and the pandemic of COVID-19 has revealed deeply hidden truths about ourselves and others.

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How To End All Fear

The two biggest reasons for being afraid are, not understanding something, or feeling that it has power over you. Ancient people feared the night and the winter because they didn’t understand where the life-giving sun disappeared. They created rituals and made sacrifices to bring it back. When it returned, they felt that they had done […]

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