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Three steps to a Perfect Thanksgiving

On this day in the United States, we celebrate Thanksgiving. It was designed to be a day where we gather with those we love the most and express our gratitude in word and prayer. In reality, it is just another 24-hour period. Hospitals and some stores remain open and larger stores prepare for the madness of Black Friday. People who have to work often feel resentful. They have to miss out on a celebration that the world takes for granted. Some feel pressured to create a “perfect holiday experience for their families. Adult siblings compete for the love of their parents, causing arguments and creating more stress. Dietary restrictions, religious beliefs, and political affiliations, only add to the chaos. All...

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The Dark Woods of the Soul

There are currently five planets in retrograde. The dreaded Mercury retrograde started yesterday and will be with us for three more weeks. Most will stay retrograde through August and some of September, with Neptune lagging behind until November. So, how to proceed? Leaving the country won't help, and hiding under the covers is not recommended. Those pesky planets have a way of finding you wherever you go. The work of retrograde is shadow work. It is time to grab your lantern and head into the dark woods of your soul. This is not as scary as it sounds. If you are proactive, you will have a less stressful experience. Some general recommendations:  For everything you do have one or two...

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You Can Do It!

We all possess the gifts of healing and psychic ability. These are our birthright and we are free to explore them at any time. Some who have practiced the healing arts may have a greater ability to focus their energy making it feel more powerful, you have the same capacity. Do not let another tell you that you must only come to them for healing or you will not heal without their help. Those who work with the Angels, encourage empowerment in those they work with. They delight when they see clients learning how to help and heal themselves. At the Angels Oasis, we offer classes to help you develop your gifts. Join us on Thursday night for our Mediumship...

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Time to Grow Up

In the past, you may have used whining, complaining or defensiveness as a means of protecting yourself. How did that work out? These things can feel comfortable. You probably learned them as a child. As children, our power is limited. When we grow up, we are given more privileges, but with those come responsibilities. You […]

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