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Seeing Past Your Own Energy

When people are trying to see auras for the first time, they often do so by staring intently at the person to try to see the energy around them. That rarely works and most learn that you must at least partially close your eyes to see the energy around the person. That works to  a degree as well, but in order to truly see an aura, to understand what the colors and shapes mean and relay that information back accurately, it is best to close the eyes. When you are looking with your eyes open, you are seeing the person through your own aura. If your aura is blue and the person you are viewing has a yellow aura, you...

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Mars- The Energy of the Warrior

As of this past Tuesday (Aug. 27th) all of our personal planets have gone direct. We are still in the shadow of Mercury retrograde, and the final inner planet to go direct was Mars. Mars energy is very often misunderstood. Mars in Roman mythology was the god of war. So what good could this planet bring, even in direct motion?Mars is the ruling planet of Aries. And, yes, those born with that sun sign are thought to be impatient and quick to anger.Not sounding better yet? Let's dig a bit deeper.The up side of impatience, is that impatient people like to get things moving. While it might make us feel pushed in some situations, most of us like to get...

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Holding On to Your Power

These days, life can feel out of control. You may feel like a puppet of the Universe, unable to do anything to change your life for the better. Many feel this way and while some will work through their issues, others will seek to empower themselves by disempowering others.  In reality, no one can take your power. But they can convinced you to give it away.  How do they do this? By making you want to give it away.  The Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz did this quite expertly with the apple tree spirits. The trees didn't want to give away their fruit. But the Scarecrow baited them into throwing them at the hungry travelers. Hence, they gave away,...

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The Loving Art of Disengagement

Ego tells us we must always act when we are "attacked" or "offended." We are often convinced that we are just standing up for ourselves or declaring where our boundaries lie. This is often not the case, as the supposed attack is often a cry for help, or posturing to hide fear and insecurity. If you are in physical danger, or being unfairly treated, then by all means, speak up. Otherwise, listen. You can learn a lot by remaining neutral while others are arguing, or staying calm when someone is yelling at you. Their anger is looking for a place to go. When you react to it, you give it importance and volunteer to take it on. You can energetically...

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A Powerful Moment

As the new year draws closer, remnants of Mercury Retrograde still linger. You may still feel a bit of struggle as we try to catch up to where we were when Mercury first started its backward motion. Be gentle with yourself, but be ruthless in letting go of all of your physical, emotional and spiritual dead weight. This could mean cleaning a closet, starting a new workout program (why wait until January?), or moving on from relationships that no longer serve you. You don't have to make challenging resolutions that will be broken by the end of the month. Simply lighten your load and let the universe show you the best path to take. This shift in your energy will...

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