Spirituality and the 'Real World': The Family

As we prepare for a holiday weekend, many families will be getting together. That can mean a time of celebration and joy or extreme frustration and...

Spirituality and the 'Real World': Your Friends

You just get out of a great meeting or discussion group with others who share your spiritual beliefs and you're still feeling emotionally "high," a...

Spirituality and the 'Real World'

Embarking on a new spiritual path can be educational as well as exhilarating. To develop a fresh, new relationship to the Divine Source always feel...

Angel Wings

Why do Angels have wings? In ancient times it was thought that only creatures with wings can fly. So when all-powerful Angels were seen in the sk...

2017 the Year of the Angels!

Today begins a new year. You may enter this day with hope, delight or fear, the choice is yours. The “type” of year it is depends on your perspective.  No matter what is happening around you, you are the one responsible for creating your experience. Every year has ups and downs. When you learn to […]

Back to the Drawing Board

Sometimes, it seems like you take a giant leap backward after months or even years of spiritual practice. Then, it can feel like you’ve gone back to the “drawing board” and need to start all over. The Angels have a secret to tell you: You never go back to the same drawing board. The new […]

After the Storm

Here in Florida, we are cleaning up from the damage of Hurricane Matthew. Many lightworkers in Florida and probably some from other parts of the country, joined together to visualize, the storm being pushed out to sea, where no one would be harmed. Although, damage was done, to many parts of the state, it could […]

Everyday Release Rituals

If it seems like everyone’s emotions are on a hair trigger, they probably are. Lots of stress with the economy, the election and on the news. You may pick up on the energy of others and feel their stress in addition to what you might be carrying. The good news is: you don’t have to […]

The Take-Away

Everything that happens to you, whether positive or negative is a learning experience. After you brush off the dust, take a good look and see what you have learned. You can use that knowledge to improve your future experiences and change your life for the better. Don’t bury your head in the sand when bad […]

The Power of Attitude

With great power, there is often challenge and a learning curve. A bicycle has some power and is fairly easy to learn once you have mastered walking and balance. It will get you around town, but probably won’t get you to the next town or state. A car has more power and there are many […]

No Excuses!

Try to catch yourself when you are making excuses. It’s okay to make a mistake, forget or run out of time. These answers are acceptable and do not take your power away. You are not expected to do everything perfectly. When you make a mistake and correct it, you gain wisdom and experience. If another […]

Stop! Here is Your Present!

There is so much beauty and magnificence on this planet. Yet we spend our days rushing around in preparation for an illusive future while missing the gift of the present, all around us. Life on Earth is a fleeting moment, a mere drop in the endless Sea of Eternity. Don’t waste a minute of it! […]