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Should I Choose Tarot Cards or Oracle Cards?

So, if you want to embark on the fantastic journey of card reading, it is really important that you know if you want either a tarot deck, or an oracle deck. Both have distinct differences and specific uses, and knowing exactly what purposes both serve can help you figure out which one fits your needs at this point in your life.

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Fairy Class Tonight!

Tonight's the night! The fairies will be gathering for our weekly class at Angels Oasis! Spiritual practice doesn't have to be all serious. The fairies teach us how to "lighten up" so that we can fly above our problems and enjoy life. We will learn some fairy facts and fiction, some fun activities to bring in fairy energy and a special guided meditation to meet your fairy guide. Class participants will get a special discount on store merchandise this evening. You can adopt one of our store fairies to take home or pick up a pack of fairy oracle cards. The fairies are giggling and buzzing with delight! It's going to be a fun evening! See you there at 7:00....

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Preparing to Fly

In Peter Pan, the children were instructed to think a happy thought in order to fly. Of course, it isn't quite that way in this reality, but there is some truth to the idea. Fairies live very near to us, and can cross dimensions. That is why some people, occasionally, see them. You have to be in the correct state of mind to do this. Most of us walk around with our attention on our electronic devices, or looking down. Children, sometimes see fairies because they are looking, excitedly around every corner, expecting to see something magical. It is in this state of mind that we can spot them most easily. Look with your third eye and don't struggle with...

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