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Living Outside the Box

It did not matter if I were happy living in the box, because if I stayed there, eventually I would die and then would be happy forever. I saw many otherpeople living in their boxes in misery, but they too believed they would eventuallydie and be happy.

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The Empath’s Addiction to the Cycle of Violence

Does your ego need a challenge? I felt when I was in a toxic situation, I could help, change, or save someone. I would feel a sense of failure when my challenge failed! Do you value your worth based on other's behavior? 

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Teaching Yourself Confidence

Confidence begins will trusting yourself which is a side effect of loving yourself. Just as self love may begin by faking it: saying affirmations that you don't yet feel,or treating yourself kindly when you don't think you deserve it, self confidence begins with a bit of pretending. Pull your shoulders back and down, hold your head up high and walk with a strong, steady gait. When you do this you send a signal to your brain that all is well and you are in control. Soon your brain will send the message back to you and you will project it to the world. You will start to take small risks which lead to bigger ones. The more you are willing...

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