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Summer Solstice Blessings

We honor this time of year for the blessings of Mother Earth. The ancients, such as the Celts, Norse, and Druids held celebrations to honor the Sun god’s power to nurture and fertilize the soil. The fertile Goddess germinates the seeds in her womb and births new life into the world.  

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Father Energy

Today we celebrate Father's Day. There are many types of fathers and just as many father-child relationships. You may have had the two-parent, Dad as provider, protector, and head of household relationship. You may have had the single Dad working hard to provide for and guide you, relationship. You may have had the mother acting as mother and father relationship or a grandparent who acted as father in your life. You may have grown up without a father figure. While the relationship to a physical father does not define you, you can still experience "father" energy by pulling in the masculine energy of the Divine. This is not the punishing, vindictive energy we were taught as children, but a warm,...

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