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Shadow Work: Dealing with Your Dark Side

Most of us learn from a young age that there two sides to everything. We have yes and no, good and bad and light and dark. We see the “yes, good and light,” as the states we desire to achieve and the “no, bad and dark” as that which we should strive to avoid. As children, we live for the “good girl/boy” moments, the good grades and the things that make us smile: candy, cartoons and summer vacations. We avoid the green vegetables, books and the discipline of the learning environment. While the lighter things in life are certainly blessings, it is our darkness that enables us to grow. The test that we breezed through may quickly fade in our...

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The Other Side of Fear

  If you put the same energy into your life, you will get the same results. If you want a change for the better, you need to try something new. Sometimes it means facing your biggest fears. Many people settle for mediocre lives because they don't want to do this. When you face and push past your fears, you will find that they were not as bad as they seemed when you were worrying about them. Your choice is: You can live with your fears, or you can conquer them. Your dreams live on the other side of your fears. Charge through! You have nothing to lose but an ordinary life!

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Mercury Retrograde Survival Plan

Now that Mercury Retrograde is upon us, we might as well make the best of it. This time is a gift from the Universe to see what has been holding you back. Here are some ideas for making the most of this time of rest, recharge and review: Keep a special Retrograde journal. Record anything that you are struggling with. Look at the patterns and see what you need to release. Brainstorm- Make a list of things you need for upcoming projects. Come up with new projects. Have fun with it, you can plan anything you want, no one is holding you to it. Let your imagination run wild. Edit and finish projects. This  is the perfect time to look...

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