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Changing Your Mind, Changing Your Mood

You will encounter things and people in your life that will put you in a bad mood. Bad moods are part of the human experience. It is hard to avoid them. You can, however, control the amount of time you experience them. It is only your ego that tells you that you need to stew in these emotions. Actually, making the shift is quite simple. Tune into the energy of your Angels. Ask them, "Show me what it is like to be free of this feeling." They will respond immediately. Feel what that glorious, loving  energy feels like. Now, go back to your bad mood. Which one will you choose? It is, really, just that simple. Only your ego makes...

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Protecting From Groupthink

Group energy can be either uplifting or depressing, depending on the dynamic of the group. A group or gathering with a positive mindset can lift your spirits when you are feeling low. A group that gathers to gossip or complain, can bring down your energy even if you are feeling low. You can be part of a group without being brought down. Protect your energy and rise above the lower vibration of the group. You are in charge of how you feel and you have a choice to feel any way you want at all times, no matter how those around you behave. Mediate often to become familiar with how your own unique energy feels and when the vibrations of...

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Filling the Gap With Angelic Love

Like our country at the moment, there are gaps among Lightworkers that divide us. There are those who want to rage and scream at the newly elected administration, and those who voted for it. We are further divided into those who would turn away from the chaos and say, “Nothing to see here!” and those […]

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