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Aries Full Moon

The full moon in September is in fiery, warlike Aries. Some would say the theme of the month is anger. It would be more accurate to say that it is “passion.”Passion and anger are relatively the same energy, it is the emotion and attitude that makes the difference.Like during a Mercury Retrograde, the advice is: Run and hide. That is the old way of thinking. For true light warriors, (fire warriors?) it is time to go to work. To start, let's go back in time. Before there was anger, there was …........passion, desire, enthusiasm, intense pleasure.As a child, maybe you were a wild one! You wanted to run everywhere, dance at dawn, jump on the bed, climb every tree and...

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Independence Day

Whichever side of the political spectrum you fall on, today is the day we celebrate the beginning of America.  Independence is a powerful word, both in terms of our nation and ourselves.  While love, money and security are important, independence means that spiritually, emotionally and physically, we  have a full box of tools. Cherish your independence by using those tools. Make your own connection to the Divine so that you don't have to wait for the next Sunday, the next meeting or appointment.  Divine connection is our birthright, as you quiet your mind through meditation, this connection grows stronger. Exercise your mental and emotional independence, by doing research and allowing your heart to tell you where the truth resides. Do...

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All the Feelings

The emotions you run from or suppress are the very emotions that you need to address. Your feelings are not the enemy, they are the key to unlocking the doors that have kept you blocked from the things you want most in life. You don't have to dive into despair, just lean into the discomfort. Ask it where it is coming from and tune into the energy of your heart for the answer. If you want to further explore the feelings an obstacles in your path so that you can clear them, try booking an appointment with one of our gifted readers.   Walk-ins are welcome. Stop by the store where the Angels play and get your answers today!

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