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Restoration is Soon Upon Us

Over the past few months we have lived through many obstacles related to COVID-19. I have spent a lot of time observing the planets and constellations while looking for specific signs that indicate a strong turn of the tides.

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The Gentle Gardener

As we move through a time of upheaval, that business which we have not dealt with, will be coming to the forefront to be healed.  If you were planting a garden, you would begin by first tilling the soil, digging what has hidden underneath into the light.  In doing this rocks and roots are removed which enables the intended plants more room to grow. It is work, but the skilled, master gardener knows that the reward is worth the work and the wait. When the ground has been cleared, the seeds can be planted so that soon your garden will burst with brilliant, beautiful color.  If your manifestations have fallen short of your goal, this is a good time to...

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