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Balance as Defense

Many people love to watch and perform the beautiful flowing movements of tai chi. What most people don't realize is that it is a martial art. It can be hard to imagine how such a graceful, flowing practice can provide protection. The secret is balance.  The tai chi master is always balanced. An opponent can push with all their might and not push him over for he will just flow into a different position, remaining in balance. His opponent, depending on his skill level, might be thrown off balance and possibly fall over.  Cultivating emotional balance can be an important defense against those who would try to take you down by upsetting you.  Just like a martial art, it is a skill...

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Blessed Water

  Water is the source of life. Our bodies are approximately 60% water and we would quickly die without it to drink. Water is associated with healing. The legends of healing wells inspired shrines which attract hoards of tourists every year. Baptism in water is symbolic of rebirth and spirituality. Cups,  the water suit in the tarot deck represents intuition and emotion as well as healing. Water is strong and gentle. It is the tidal wave and the light, spring rain. It becomes hard and inflexible as ice, conforms to any shape as liquid and flies through the air as steam. Dr. Emoto showed that you can program water with your thoughts and make it healthier. The next time you...

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