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Why Meditate?

There are hundreds of different types of meditation, because, meditation is important. When our focus is constantly outward, we feel alone, separate and can get depressed. When we take some time to focus within, we understand our connection to each other and the environment. We realize that we are not alone and at the same time, learn what our own energy feels like, making us more receptive to psychic messages and helping us to defend against psychic attack. To learn more and experience a special guided meditation, join our own Daena Deva this Thursday for our weekly psychic development class.  

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Can You Spare Five Minutes?

Many spiritual seekers will tell you that they know all about meditation. They may have studied multiple kinds of meditation practice under different spiritual leaders of different traditions. They can tell you amazing experiences they had at workshops and in classes, but ask them if they have meditated recently and they might say, “I just […]

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