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Being Inconvenient

As you follow your unique spiritual path, you might find that you start to feel a little disconnected from those around you and from events happening in the world. You are not separating from your friends, loved ones and co-workers, you are pulling away from the shared beliefs of those around you and society. You are learning to question your reality and think for yourself. You are not alone on this journey, many are going through the same process. This independent thinking can be very inconvenient for those who are in positions of power and want to keep you subdued. There is much more to reality than we have been led to believe, by churches, politicians and other people in...

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Your Spiritual Path

Many of my clients who are discovering the world of Angels and the metaphysical, report that they are living a double life. They can speak their beliefs to a small, select group, but when around family or co-workers, they have to "play along," and pretend to share the beliefs of that group or be shunned or drawn into an unpleasant argument. The beautiful thing about the Angels, is that they do not demand that you acknowledge them in public. They are happier to have your one-on-one attention and even happier when you ask for their help. As Angels are a part of many religious traditions, you can focus on what you have in common while avoiding subjects that start fights....

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