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Three Ways Jealousy Can Hurt You (and how you can prevent them)

The biggest stress that most people have is not being good enough.Not good enough as a person, an employee, a parent or child. If we all had equal expertise in all areas of life, the world would run like a well-oiled machine. Everyone would be competent and average. It would also be incredibly boring. In nature, there are trees that grow best in tropical climates, fruits and berries that taste sweetest when they ripen following a cold, snowy winter. A polar bear would perish in the wilds of Africa and a gorilla would not last long in the Arctic.Nature knows that variety provides strength. There are creatures with feathers and creatures with fins. Each excels at survival when in its...

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Tarot/Oracle Class Tonight!

Tarot and oracle cards are a great way to jump start your psychic development. The pictures on the cards speak a language that goes beyond words and connects you to the spiritual realm. Any psychic practice must be undertaken with care to ensure that you do not pick up negative energies. Join us this afternoon (Oct. 8th) at 4:00 to learn how to quickly and safely read the tarot and oracle decks to begin getting messages from Spirit.  Bring your favorite deck to use or try one of ours to practice with.  This class includes hands on training and guidance to get you started reading right away. See you tonight!  

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