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Mental Illness, a Mother's Love, and Reiki

I had gotten my level one Reiki attunement a year prior but hadn’t done a lot with it.  I wasn’t even sure I believed in it!  Here I was, sitting home every day, stress and trauma pumping through me like our blood does, what did I have to lose?!  The second step was practicing Reiki daily. 

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Three Planets Go Retrograde This Week

Due to the energies that have been stirred up with COVID-19 our finances and our relationships have been challenged greatly. The next five weeks will invite many aspects of our personal relationships, especially romantic, under the microscope for review.

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Power Through With Angelic Assistance

Some days, you have time to meditate, burn incense and listen to relaxing music to get though tough times. Others, you just have to power through and keep going until your tasks are complete. On those busy days, remember the Angels have got your back. When you find yourself busy and overwhelmed, smile. Pull your […]

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