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Happy Friday!

At the start of this week, you may have wished it were Friday. It may have even been a goal: to make it through the week. You never doubted that Friday would come and it manifested for you. Now put that same confidence in a life goal you want to achieve. Your Angels will guide you through the steps to make it happen!  

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Angelic Affirmations

Repeating positive affirmations is a very effective way to retrain you subconscious mind to work with you to achieve your goals rather than against you, sabotaging your progress. The most powerful affirmations start with the phrase “I am.” Be very mindful of the words you use to follow this phrase as they may mean the […]

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Mercury Retrograde: The Glorious Aftermath

Congratulations! We are in the home stretch. Mercury Retrograde ends tomorrow morning! This has been a very important time to do release work. It has been a challenging time for some, but now we have a tremendous opportunity to reap the rewards of this hard work. As Mercury goes direct, it joins forces will all […]

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