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Love all, Accept All

It is not our job to get people onto our side. In a way, it’s actually our job to maintain those friendships because I can tell you right now that many people sitting in fear are also throwing away lifelong relationships fighting over things that terrify them.

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Releasing Judgments

Let that sink in for a minute - do you really want to keep those patterns? Do you want to keep that programming of “I'm going to place a judgment on you because I see you doing this” and “apparently you're that way, so I'm just going to decide that’s just the way that person is? 

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Explaining Complaining

Complaining is like binge-eating when you are sad or angry. There is immediate gratification, but the satisfaction is very short-lived. Use that energy to find a solution, or a kind way to communicate to the other party that there is a problem. When you complain, you lock yourself into a very unproductive energy. The Universe […]

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