You Have the Power

Do not underestimate your power. You have the ability to overcome the toughest situations you have ever faced in your life and more.    Every conf...

Angelic Wisdom

Knowledge consists of observable facts. Divine guidance is the knowing that comes from your Angels and guides. Wisdom is the combination of both. I...

Angel Dreams and Baby Steps

The biggest mistake we can make when we have many things to do, is to become immobilized in fear. “I can’t possibly get it all done, so why should I even start?” Eleven months ago it was January. It looked like the next year would drag on forever and we would have all the time […]

The Head and the Heart

The most amazing gifts we are given when we come to Earth are our head and our heart. When you are healthy and balanced, the two work in harmony. Your head gives you information and experience. It is like the reference section in the library. It gives you the facts and details you need to […]

Your Own Personal Hero

Instead of obsessing over  who deserves fame and admiration, why not look inside and become your own hero. Your Angels have blessed you with the powers of protection, love and guidance. Use them wisely and well.

Use Your Gifts

Mercury Retrograde energies are growing heavier. That’s okay! You have tools, Angels and guides to help you deal with whatever comes. Archangel Anael, the Angel I work with, will bring in any guide I need for any occasion. Suddenly, new possibilities open up and the problem seems so much smaller. Instead of saying, “Not this […]

Your “Uncommon” Sense

Our physical senses are important for survival on Earth, yet they can be influenced by judgement and preconceived ideas. Think of one of those puzzles where you must spot the mistake and even though it is right in front of you, you miss it because you are conditioned to look somewhere else. Use your five […]

Taking the First Step

If you spend all your time worrying about rejection, you will never get anything started. Rejection can be protection, information or direction. Knowing which path you cannot take narrows down the field and makes it easier to choose another path. If you never start your journey, you will never get to your destination. Your Angels […]

Time to Grow Up

In the past, you may have used whining, complaining or defensiveness as a means of protecting yourself. How did that work out? These things can feel comfortable. You probably learned them as a child. As children, our power is limited. When we grow up, we are given more privileges, but with those come responsibilities. You […]

Angelic Healing

If you want to heal from a condition or situation, your Angels will help. It is not enough to recover from the “dis-ease” of body, mind or spirit, you must “uncover” the reason for it. You are welcome (via free will) to skip this important step, but then the problem will most likely return until […]