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Second Harvest

Today is the Autumnal equinox or Mabon. On this day, just as on the Spring equinox, day and night are of equal length. We are moving into the darker part of the year. During this time,ancient civilizations have held spectacular festivals to bolster spirits as it appeared that the darkness was "winning". Darkness is not a bad thing. Without a little dark to balance the light, crops would die,as the earth overheated. Spiritually, the darkness is what we must face to heal and make ourselves whole. It is a place where our lessons live and where we rest when we are tired. Mabon is the second of three harvest festivals. What seeds are you harvesting from the past year? How...

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Samhain, Angels and Spirit Guides, Oh My

This time of year, while others plan parties and costumes, the pagan communities celebrate the Sabbat or Holiday of Samhain (Sow-wen). This is a time to harvest, reflect and seek guidance from ancestors, angels and spirit guides. The “spooky” reputation of Samhain/Halloween comes not from fact, but from our fear of death and things that […]

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